Wellness Pet Company launches Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly

Can be served alone or with kibble to supercharge a pet’s food and enhance the bond with their owner

Wellness Pet Company—creator of natural dog and cat food and treats—has expanded its line of Wellness Bowl Boosters by debuting Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly. This new product can be given on their own as a nutritious meal or as a topper and are specifically formulated to combine with kibble for a nutrition-supercharged bowl.

According to a company release,1 WellnessBowl Boosters Freshly recipes are made with real, healthy ingredients that are chosen when they are the most fresh. They are then frozen to retain the nutrients. The high-quality meat and healthy grain and vegetable ingredients help promote a soft skin and coat, all-day energy, digestion, strong teeth and bones and immune health.

“As pet parents, we seek fresh, whole-food ingredients for ourselves for the same reason we want them for our dogs: to see all-day energy, strong bones and immunity as we navigate life’s adventures and share a life together,” said Danielle Bernal, BVSc, veterinarian at Wellness Pet Company.1

“When you supercharge your dog’s bowl with Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly, you supercharge all that you do together: more backyard frolicking, longer walks around the neighborhood, more road trips to that favorite trailhead, cozier cuddles, more energetic play dates, and of course more meaningful mealtimes,” she added.

There are 4 recipes in this line:

  • WellnessBowl Boosters Freshly Chicken & Butternut Squash
  • Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly Beef & Carrots
  • Wellness Bowl Boosters Freshly Turkey & Sweet Potatoes
  • (And coming soon) WellnessBowl Boosters Freshly PUPPY | Turkey & Rice.

WellnessBowl Boosters Freshly is currently available in freezers at specific PetSmart locations, online at PetSmart.com and Chewy.com, and will be available at Petco in late summer.


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