Watch: Mira Kapoor opens up about ‘honest hair fall journey’ and how she ‘fixed it’

Hate fall is a common problem both men and women face due to a number of factors, ranging from stress and pollution to erratic lifestyle habits. Mira Kapoortoo, faced a similar issue about which she recently opened up.

“Around 6-7 months ago, I faced terrible hair fall — something I have never experienced before. I have had hair fall postpartum twice but never in this way. I was seeing visible hair thinning, the temple beginning to recede and clumps of hair falling. I was so scared to even brush my hair. That’s when I realized that something is wrong and I need to do something,” the 27-year-old said.

The root cause behind it

To cure her problem, Mira tried finding the root cause and the triggers — physical and mental.

Explaining the impact of stress on our hairshe talked about telogen effluvium — temporary hair loss due to excessive shedding of resting or telogen hair after some shock to the system that could be both physical and mental.

“Physical triggers could be covid, seasonal flu and getting the jab among others. And mental triggers could be anxietysituational panic, loss of a loved one etc,” Mira explained.

For her, the worries ranged from her children’s online school and the spread of Covid-19 to stress about her family’s safety and kids’ development. Overtraining could be one of the physical triggers, she revealed.

She added that what made the condition worse was general poor hair practices. “Tying hair too tight, using think rubber bands and not brushing your hate enough are some of those,” she said.

Practices that helped her

Mira followed “a two-pronged approach” to combat her hair fall issue. “First, I addressed hair fall by strengthening the roots. Second, I encouraged hair growth by feeding the follicles,” she said.

To solve the issue, she stopped tying tight ponytails with thin rubber bands. “Tight ponytails can cause traction alopecia that causes the receding hairline. I switched to silk/cloth rubber bands and started tying my hair in a loose bun,” she revealed further.

She revealed that she now towel dries her hair and refrains from combination them when wet. Additionally, she also added a water softener to her showerhead as hard water is bad for your skin, hair and everything else.

“I also trimmed my hair on the full-moon day. It sounds like absolute quackery but I have been doing it forever. The moon has an effect on us and our system. If you cut your hair during the waxing stage, it grows faster and if you cut them during the waning stage, they grow slower. Cutting them full moon make them grow thicker,” she shared.

“Drink enough water, eat well, workout and sleep on time because at the end of the day, your body works in harmony and things like hair fall or skin flare-ups are just signaling that there is an internal imbalance,” Mira concluded.

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