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This week’s featured pet is a sassy little Calico cat named Ginger, who is as spicy as the name she was given.

Ginger the cat
(Photo by Stephanie Sanchez)

Ginger is the proud owner of her own happy little family and takes her job of looking after them very seriously. She loves her mom, Stephanie Sanchez and also enjoys the company of her two human siblings, Cue and Millie. She can often be seen sprawled out, meowing gently for belly rubs. When she isn’t playfully chewing on her mom’s hands or stirring up mischeif, she adores a good cuddle.

Ginger the cat
Millie and Ginger snuggled up for a nap (Photo by Stephanie Sanchez)

Sanchez adopted Ginger from the Vicksburg Animal Shelter in January of 2022. She’s around 8 months old and has all the spunk and rebelliousness of a growing teenage cat. Despite her very tiny frame, Ginger is larger than life. When she wants attention, she won’t hesitate to climb up the leg of the closest available human. Her favorite leg to scale will always belong to Sanchez.

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Ginger the cat
Cue holding Ginger the day she was adopted (Photo by Stephanie Sanchez)

Ginger has an appetite for home cooked food that’s as big as her appetite for life. She loves to try and snag a taste of whatever is cooking when she can. She also entertains herself by chasing brooms and attempting to help her mom put up the dishes. Despite all of Ginger’s silly antics, there is no doubt that she is happy, loved, and so bonded with her family.

Ginger the cat
(Photo by Stephanie Sanchez)

Sanchez said Ginger loves playing with plastic Easter eggs, running through her tunnel and drinking out of the toilet when possible. Ginger isn’t supposed to drink from toilets, but she has mastered the art of squeezing her little body under door frames and sneaking into forbidden territories. Sanchez loves to watch and play with Ginger. Seeing them together makes it obvious they were meant to be in each other’s lives.

Ginger generally likes everybody. She loves attention from guests, but is most content to curl up next to her family in the evenings and purr as she receives endless scratches. Night time is also her favorite time to stir up trouble. She loves to wake Sanchez up from sleep and request a good snuggle.

(Photo by Stephanie Sanchez)

Sanchez looks forward to spending her time with Ginger after a long work day. She endearingly refers to her as “Gingy” and can been seen laughing joyfully whenever the two are together. Sanchez speaks highly of the efforts made by those in charge of the Animal Shelter and is so grateful for the day that she and Ginger found each other. Ginger’s life will forever be richer because of the love of her family and the comforts of her forever home.

The Vicksburg Animal Shelter has many loving pets in need of homes. Adopting a pet from your local shelter is a great way to help animals in need of safe and caring environments. For more information on adopting from the Vicksburg Animal Shelter, please call (601)636-6982 during their regular business hours. They are open between 9 am and 3:30 pm Mondays through Fridays.

If you would like to have your pet featured by Vicksburg Daily News, please send us your submissions to [email protected] Be sure to include photos of your pet, your name and contact info, and a few fun facts about what makes your animal companion so special. We happily welcome submissions of all animal species and look forward to getting to know your pet!

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