The gorgeous cats and dogs who’ve spent months in a shelter struggling to find a home

These beautiful cats and dogs need a loving home – but it’s taking a while to find the right fit.

Staff at Newcastle Dog and Cat Shelter are always searching for caring adopters or fosterers who can give theior charges the care they deserve, but it’s trickier to find homes for some of the pets they house.

We went to visit the Benton-based shelter in the hope of finding people who are ready to make the longer-term residents part of their family.

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Between them, Tripp, Riley, Finn and Bear have been at the shelter for 266 days.

All three have lovely natures, but their health problems may have been putting some people off.

Acting rehoming manager Charlotte Legg said it is often harder to find homes for some pets than others.

“Health issues are the main thing – if they have existing health issues it’s a bit of a struggle to get insurance to cover it. Some times it’s being older animals, as well, it is always a bit harder to rehome older animals.

“It may be able cosmetic desirability as well, for example, we have a lot of black cats that we struggle to rehome.”

But rescuing an animal who is struggling to find a home can be very rewarding – and the shelter team are on hand to help.

Charlotte added: “If they have an existing health condition you already know where you’re coming from, you already have a starting point, we’ll give you advice on their current condition and our current treatment plans and everything. Sometimes they are just that bit more thankful for it as well, because they tend to spend longer in the shelter so when they do get a home it’s even better.”

Here’s more on each of the cats and dogs most in need of new homes:


Six-year-old Bear has been at the shelter for a total of 93 days, after his previous owner became unable to look after him.

This blue-eyed beauty used to enjoy bikejoring (running with a bicycle) but now has mild hip dysplasia, so now needs to take things a little slower.

He’ll need someone strong and able to control him on walks, and can live with other dogs, and children over 16, but isn’t suitable for life with cats or small animals.

He’s described as “a stunning boy with a very unique and quirky personality” – “aloof” on first meeting, once he’s warmed up to you he loves attention and affection.

The shelter staff said: “Bear is a true individual who never fails to make us smile with his funny ways. We have no doubt he will bring fun and laughs to brighten up your world every day.”


“Sweetheart” Tripp, who is around a year old, was brought in as a stray 38 days ago.

He’s an outdoor cat who could live with children age 10 and up, and would like to be the only pet in the home.

Tripp lives with a grade 3 heart murmur, which isn’t currently causing him any issues, but due to his young age could become more of a problem when he’s older, so any prospective adopters would need to be prepared for this.

Tripp loves his bed and spends most of his time there, but when he comes out for some attention he’s described as “all about cuddles” and he “loves to roll over and stretch out to get your full attention”.


A small dog with a brown and white face and a cone around his neck looks up from between the bars of a kennel
Could you give Finn a home?

Little Jack Russell Finn has spent 64 days at the kennels following the sad death of his owner.

Because of a newly-diagnosed medical condition the 12-year-old dog is in need of a special home with people who’ll be able to ensure he gets the monthly vet visits and lifelong medication he needs.

He’s initially being offered for longer-term foster care to ensure his medical needs can be met.

The shelter team said: “Finn is as sweet as a nut, he is adorable and affectionate, yet he has a loud voice and isn’t afraid to use it get attention and a fuss. He enjoys a little trot around town, and a good sniff to explore his surroundings. Finn will be a great companion and he is guaranteed to make you smile.

“Finn is a real trooper and nothing brings him down he is always a ray of sunshine and takes life in his stride. He may be having an off day but will dust himself off and potter over to cheer you up to let you know he is doing ok.”


A fairly large black and white cat with yellow eyes
Would Riley be perfect for your home?

Thirteen-year-old Riley found himself at the shelter when his owner died, and for 71 days has been unable to find a new home.

Suitable to live with children aged 12 and up, this “affectionate” and “vocal” boy “would like a new home with space for him to explore and his human friends to give him plenty of enrichment to help keep him active”.

He’s not a fan of other animals and would need to be the only pet in the home.

Riley has a low grade heart murmur – these are common in cats and isn’t currently causing any problems for him, but it may be excluded by pet insurance providers as a pre-existing condition if he did need any treatment in the future.

The shelter description reads: “Riley is a very inquisitive and active chap, don’t let his age fool you as he’s full of beans – always on the go and ready to explore!

“Riley is a confident lad who is always up and about, he doesn’t seem to be phased by anything, and he’s always keen to come out of his pen to have a wander around the cattery.”

If you think you could give any of these animals the home they need, visit to fill out an application form.

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