grandmother-granddaughter join to write children’s book

MARSTON MILLS — Foster mom Holly Seaver and granddaughter Cecelia Cash, 21, wrote an illustrated children’s book, promoting foster care, during the pandemic.

“Jack & Max & the Happy Home: A Foster Care Story,” a story of two cats, is written by Seaver and illustrated by Cash.

The duo came up with the idea of ​​writing this book when Seaver adopted two new cats. Through the process, she said, she realized what foster kids go through in the foster care system has mirrored the experience of her getting the cats. Seaver wanted to share this experience through writing and planned to get it illustrated.

One of her granddaughters, Cash, who is studying at Pueblo Community College in Colorado, stepped in and illustrated the book.

“This was my first project and to figure everything out we had to do a lot of discussions over email and video calls,” said Cash because she lives in Canon City, Colorado, and Seaver lives on Cape Cod.

Two girls sit to read “Jack & Max & The Happy Home,” while their foster mother, Holly Seaver of Marstons Mills, holds the book that she wrote.

It took them 18 months to get the book ready for publication, and Seaver self-published it on Amazon in May.

The book is free for the Kindle edition and $10 for a printed paperback copy. The cover features the two cats, Jack, and Max, along with a butterfly. Jack and Max have a few stops on their way to a “forever” home and a butterfly follows them throughout the book.

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