Courteney Cox: Friends star who went from Springsteen video to Hollywood and how Ed Sheeran set her up with her famous UK rocker boyfriend

She’s been one of the most famous faces in the world for the past three decades after landing the role of Monica Geller in Friends, and now Courteney Cox is back in a TV comedy, Shining Vale.

The one difference now is that Courteney’s new show is a comedy horror, mixing the themes from her most famous roles as Geller in the 10-series Friends and Gale Weathers in Scream.

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Alabama-born Cox, who is now 57, has revisited those two past roles in the past year with the highly-anticipated Friends Reunion and the fifth Scream film, released in January 2022.

Before she landed the career-making role of the younger Geller sibling, Cox shot to prominence as the young gig-goer in Bruce Springsteen’s Dancing in the Dark video who gets pulled out of the crowd to dance with The Boss, back in 1984. Unbeknownst to The Boss, Courteney had been flown in by the video’s director Brian de Palma to be pulled out of the crowd.

After that Cox had roles in the live-action He-Man film, Masters of the Universe and also the sequel to Cocoon and just before appearing in Friends, starred opposite Jim Carrey in the first Ace Ventura: Pet Detective film.

During the ’90s and early 2000s, Cox was either on the small or big screen, became one of the highest-paid TV stars ever as she and the Friends cast were paid $1million per episode of the smash sitcom.

During her time making the Scream movies, in 1996, 1997 and 2000, she met and married David Arquette who starred as policeman Dewey Riley in the films, and they share a daughter, Coco, who was born in 2004.

Courteney Cox, Jamie Kennedy and Neve Campbell in Scream

Speaking about her, now 26-year-long, portrayal of Gale Weathers, she said: “I can’t believe I am in it again and I couldn’t believe they were doing another one, but it’s great; funny, gory, and really scary. It’s just heightened. Everything in the world changed and it had to keep up – it’s relevant.”

After Friends, Cox starred in Cougar Town, which ran for six series until 2015, the show saw her step behind the camera and this started off a new passion for the actress who has had several director and producer roles in the past decade, including the film Just Before I Go, Celebrity Name Game and In 2019, she created and executive produced the Facebook Watch documentary series 9 Months with Courteney Cox.

It’s not just TV and films where Courteney, who’s rumored to have a net worth of $150 million, made her millions, she apparently loves to buy and renovate houses.

Last year, her Masters of the Universe fellow actor Robert Duncan McNeill told The Delta Flyers podcast that when they made that film in 1987 she bought a house and ‘flipped’ it eg. renovated and sold it on for a profit.

He said: “I heard, we’ve lost touch, but I heard that even in those Friends days that she would buy – she loved to flip houses. She loved to remodel, renovate, and then flip it out.”

Courteney Cox and Musician Johnny McDaid

Aside from her career and reno-passions, Courteney has found love again since her divorce from David Arquette, with Snow Patrol’s Johnny McDaid, who she was introduced to by Ed Sheeran back in 2013.

The couple have maintained a long-distance relationship since then and were engaged back in 2014, but they called it off in late 2015, before reuniting in March 2016. She told The Ellen Show previously: “He’s not my fiancé. We were engaged to be married, but now we’re just together.

“We broke off our engagement, and he moved to England, then we got back together, and it’s actually better than it was before.”

Her relationship with McDaid has seen Courteney flex her musical muscles on social media with piano performances at home with her other half, with Sheeran and also Elton John, something which saw her dedicate a special rendition of Tiny Dancer to Lisa Kudrow.

Talking about learning a piano piece especially for Elton John, Courteney told The Graham Norton Show: “I learned to play in lockdown but then Ed Sheeran invited Elton John to dinner at my house and suggested we all perform together. So, I called my piano teacher and 20 minutes later he was walking out as Elton was walking in.

“It was the scariest, most nerve-wracking thing I’ve ever done, and it was the thrill of my life!”

As for 2022, which has started off brilliantly for Cox with Scream topping the box office, there’ll be more from the star with Shining Vale, which has been written by Catastrophe’s Sharon Horgan and in true Monica Geller style she’s also released her own cleaning products brand, Homecourt.

Talking about Shining Vale, she said: “It’s not gory, but it is scary. I adore Sharon (Horgan), whose idea the series is. I knew her through her work and by zoom but when I went to her house for dinner we were up until four in the morning just laughing. She is very funny, and I really think she is the best.”

Courteney Cox is on The Graham Norton Show on BBC One on Friday, February 4 at 10.35pm and on The John Bishop Show on ITV on Saturday, February 5 at 9.35pm.

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