Cluckle Brothers Paul and Barry are two abandoned cockerels looking for a home

Paul and Barry are looking for a home after being abandoned

Submitted for publication by the RSPCA

The RSPCA in Kent is looking to find the perfect home for two cockerels called Paul and Barry who were sadly abandoned before coming into their care.

They are now being looked after at the RSPCA Leybourne Animal Center near West Malling and the pair, who can be rehomed separately or together, are now looking for a flock to call their own. Paul and Barry can both be a little shy and are initially wary of people but with time they soon come around.

Sarah Clarkson, small animal supervisor at RSPCA Leybourne near Maidstone, said: “Oh dear, oh dear. Poor Paul and Barry have been waiting for their forever home for a while now so we are keen to see them go ‘to me, to you’ and find their flock soon.

“Sadly, we know that it can be hard to find the perfect home for cockerels as some people do not appreciate their crowing but the perfect home is out there for them somewhere.”

The RSPCA regularly deals with cases of abandoned cockerels, and it is thought this could be as a result of disputes between neighbors over their crowing, or simply the fact that they cannot lay eggs.


Kate Norman, RSPCA’s poultry welfare expert, said: “Sadly it’s not uncommon for us to take in cockerels who have been abandoned and dumped, often in dangerous situations like at the side of a road or in car parks – we usually have a number in our care at any given time.

“Chickens can be so rewarding to keep and cockerels can get a bad rap for being noisy and aggressive, when in fact, with the right care and knowledge, they can make great pets with distinct personalities.”

Fun facts about cockerels

  • Cockerels will watch over their hens and make sure they are safe. They will sound the alarm if any danger approaches
  • Cockerels are like old-fashioned gentlemen and will charm the hens with tasty snacks they find throughout the day such as bugs and grains. They will also let the hens eat first and stand back and keep a watch out while they are doing so
  • Cockerels will perform a ‘shuffle dance’ to impress their hens. The cockerel will drop one wing whilst taking short steps in front of a hen. Some roosters will even dance for their owners whenever they get excited about food or something else you are bringing them
  • A cockerel will lead the group and help a flock maintain a natural hierarchy.
  • Cockerels all have their own individual personalities and will show different behaviors when humans are around compared to when they are on their own.

If you think you can give Paul and Barry a home, please contact the RSPCA Leybourne Animal Center on

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