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GINNY RHODES Special to The McDowell News

Cove Creek, a family-owned business in Old Fort, is looking to grow its all-natural products in the homes of McDowell County.

Husband and wife Amy and Rob Davis, owners of Cove Creek, are residents and farmers in the Davistown area of ​​Old Fort. They decided to return to their roots in WNC after years in the software industry to be closer to family. Anderson, their son, who is 19, is also an owner in the company. The Davis family members are descendants of the Davistown community in Old Fort, which dates to the 1700s.

They are direct descendants of Thomas Davis (1700s), the oldest Davis that is buried at the Davis Town Baptist Church Cemetery.

Fred (deceased) and Gene Davis are Rob’s parents and owned Cove Creek Campground in Old Fort for many years, where a new generation of Davises have now turned into a farm.

“We wanted the kids to grow up in an area that was a healthier and more wholesome town. We wanted to get back to nature and the simple things in life,” said Amy.

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Old Davistown Farm provides a homestead for their many goats, ducks, turkeys, alpacas, livestock dogs and growing food for their family.

“We are focusing on giving back this year with our garden to donate to Foothills Food Hub and through church or put it in the self-serve garden shed that’s down across from McDonald’s in Old Fort. We tripled the size of our garden this year so that we can provide food for all those outreaches,” said Amy Davis.

After establishing their farm for the past few years, the family then created the Cove Creek brand, made with all-natural personal care products for men, women, children and pets. Cove Creek’s home base is at 39 Commerce St. Old Fort, where they manufacture, package and distribute their products through network marketing and online at shopcovecreek.com.

“We don’t use any synthetic chemicals whatsoever,” said Amy. “Everything that we use has a natural basis to it. We use goat milk, honey, essential oils and herbs.”

The Davis family began their brand in January 2020, right before the COVID pandemic, and not long after their son, Henry, 12, was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes.

“We started doing research because there’s no one else that’s Type 1 diabetic in our family, and typically it’s hereditary,” said Amy. “In our research, we found that more kids are being diagnosed with no hereditary background for Type 1 and the rate of autoimmune diseases has skyrocketed in the last 20 to 30 years. A lot of it has to do with the ingredients that are put into a lot of modern-day products.”

The Davis family members, which also includes Emily, 21, are all red-headed and fair skinned, with many sensitivities to commercially made body care, that being another reason they began making their own products.

“We purchase sustainable ingredients and produce those products using our formulas. We are focused on making sure whatever you use when it goes back into the ecosystem, it does not affect anything in any way,” said Amy. “We have a dish cleaner that people can use while camping, and they don’t have to worry about it contaminating the waterways.”

The brand creates products for today’s consumer using recipes from the old days. Cove Creek said they looked at some of the most successful products in today’s market and worked to develop a natural way of creating that with the same result.

“We reverse-engineered those products, looked for old recipes from here in the mountains, and ingredients people would use on the farm, which have been used in healing for hundreds of years,” said Amy. “Our focus is functionality that doesn’t cause more damage and is able to maintain a level of balance that works well.”

The business currently serves about 10,000 customers nationwide, said Amy.

“We are completely honest and transparent about our products and our business. That is important to us. We use recycled packaging, and any products we can fill manually, we do that, rather than running machinery. We make sure that we’re being as ecologically sound as possible. Everything we do is from beginning to end with that ethos in mind. Regular use will help to balance your body so that you need less of it, which is the idea. We really are focused on helping you and replace your everyday items with something that’s healthy for you, but still does a great job.”

Cove Creek does have opportunities for folks looking to get discounts on products, make some extra money or obtain a full-time salary.

“We started everything here in McDowell County. We’re from here and it was important for us to be here, to provide jobs and do something that we could be proud of. We’re stable and growing and want to give back to McDowell County. We want our hometown to be proud of what’s being built and invest in our products that can greatly affect their whole health and that of their families,” said Amy. “Because of our duty to the community and how strong that is, we strive to provide a supplemental income for the average housewife or a full-time income for somebody that wants to be in business fully for themselves.”

For more information, visit www.shopcovecreek.com.


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