6 Ways to Save Money On Pet Care as The Cost of Living Rises

6 ways to save money on pet care as the cost of living rises

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Having a pet to love and care for is incredibly rewarding, but the cost of your animal companion can also be expensive — especially with energy, fuel and food prices continuing to soar in the UK.

Are you wondering how to give your pet the best without breaking the bank? From shopping second hand to making your own treats, there are lots of ways you can save money on pet care. Keep reading for everything you need to know…

1. Second-hand shop

Every pet parent loves to spoil their furry friends, but you don’t always have to buy brand new. According to research conducted by the PDSA, the average dog could cost £30,800 over its lifetime, so shopping second hand is a great way to save some extra money. Whether it’s toys or sleeping supplies, purchasing pre-loved goods will help the environment and save you cash.

Abigail Yearley from TopCashback tells The Metro: “Look around on Facebook Marketplace, Gumtree or even your local charity shop for pet supplies such as beds, blankets, and toys. You don’t need to buy the most expensive offering on the market to have a happy pooch or feline at home .”

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2. Teach yourself to groom

Grooming your dog regularly is vital to ensure they stay clean, healthy and comfortable. If you’re looking for a smart way to save money, why not try grooming your dog at home by clipping their nails, cleaning around the eyes and trimming their coats to remove dead hair, skin, dandruff and dirt.

“Grooming can be done anywhere in the house, however choosing a room with a surface where your dog can’t slip would be best to make the grooming process as stress-free as possible,” says Hayley Byrne-Ingle, a groomer from the Kennel Club. “Bathing your dog should be done in warm water and pick an area to groom your dog where they can take themselves off if they’ve had enough.”

For more information about how to groom a dog at home, read our expert-approved guide. If in doubt, call a local groomer or vet and ask for their advice on how regularly you should groom your dog and if there are any hazardous areas to be aware of for their breed.

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3. Make your own pet treats

The benefits of homemade dog treats are huge. As well as reducing the cost of your weekly shop, homemade dog treats don’t contain the same amount of condoms, fats and chemicals that regular store-bought treats contain. Plus, there’s the added satisfaction that you made your pup something tasty yourself.

Want to make your own? Michael Foote, personal finance expert at Quotegoat.com, explains: “If you regularly cook and have lots of leftovers, make up batches of dog treats from your scraps and freeze them for your dog. Make sure you use things like rice and chicken and leave out anything that could be harmful to your pooch.”

4. Ask friends and family to pet sit

Pet sitters will usually charge per pet and per hour, with rates ranging from £10 for each visit up to £25, according to Wamiz. Another great way to save yourself a pretty penny is to ask friends and family to pet sit — some people may be happy to do it for free, while others could request a small fee.

“While there are plenty of pet hotels and pet sitting services for your companions when you have to go away or travel, they can be quite expensive – especially if you’re having them stay overnight,” Sarah Holt, head of partnerships at mobile money Monese app, says. “Having a friend or family member help out to watch your pets should be your first go-to option, if possible.”

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5. Take good care of your pet

Just like humans, your dog also needs a well-balanced diet to stay fit and healthy as well as constant access to fresh, clean drinking water at all times. It sounds simple, but taking good care of your pet could lower the number of expensive vet costs you need to make. Always brush their teeth regularly, don’t skip your annual vet visits, make sure they’re nourished, get plenty of exercise, and feed them a healthy diet.

6. Shop around for pet insurance

“Shop around for a good deal and read the small print to be sure what’s included,” adds Sarah. “This can save you money on annual fees like yearly vaccinations, doctor visits, even major surgeries and other procedures.”

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